We are located in the Genetics Department at Harvard Medical School. Our lab is on the third floor in the New Research Building, NRB 356. 

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Research focus

Global studies of transcription elongation and splicing

We are interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms that control and coordinate transcription with co-transcriptional processes, including splicing, chromatin remodeling and termination.

The regulation of mitochondrial gene expression

We investigate the regulatory mechanisms that control mitochondrial gene expression, from DNA to protein.

Our experimental and computational approach

To address these questions, we develop and apply high resolution genomic approaches that quantitatively reveal the production of gene products, such as native elongating transcript sequencing (NET-seq) and ribosome profiling.

We develop unbiased computational approaches using different modeling strategies, including deep neural networks, to extract the most out of genome-wide datasets.

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About us

The Churchman Lab has been open since 2011. We consist of 8 postdocs, 6 graduate students and two technicians. 

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Group members

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