Lab retreat 2015, West Tremont, ME

We had another fun retreat this year on Mt. Desert Island, ME. Aside from eating lobster and going on hikes, everyone gave 10 minute chalk talks on their projects highlighting the major barriers of their project's field and what magical measurement would surmount those barriers. We got pretty magical at times, but other times, ideas were deemed not so magical and perhaps possible in the near future. So in all, the talks were a great way to brainstorm. 

Also new this year, we had walk up songs for everyone's chalk talk. Here's the songs as a Spotify playlist. 

 Heather's chalk talk

Heather's chalk talk

Our paper on visualizing human transcription at nucleotide resolution is out!


Congratulations to Andreas, Julia, Seth and Umut! And thanks to the Stam lab for their work that lead to two beautiful figures.

Here is a short video where Stirling explains why this finding is so exciting to her. 

HMS wrote a story on the article and took a video of Stirling explaining why she's excited by the work.

Download the paper here.

Cover art features an original oil painting by Leidy Churchman, Stirling's brother.